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Does BI belong in IT?

October 15, 2013

Sounds crazy, but after 20 some-odd years of doing BI in an IT world, I’ve spent the past few doing BI as part of “the business”, and I can’t tell you how refreshing it’s been!!

Ok – well, not exactly ‘the business’; more like a separate business unit, complete with a Chief Data Officer who reports to the CEO. IT in our organization is the realm of apps-dev and tech support.

Oh, and I get it, BI practically has “information” and “technology” in it’s name – this guy’s nuts, right? But when you look at the typical IT organization, which tends to take it’s cues from an application development mindset – maybe not such a perfect fit.

Having the expertise and mandate to extract/present meaningful insights from data along with the know-how to work it has it’s advantages.

Curious to hear other’s perspectives!

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  1. Reblogged this on BI Tools and Technology and commented:
    I totally agree that BI should be in the business. It has been my experience that IT departments tend to have the archaic belief that our data should be locked down and protected, which results in information being tied up and in the hands of the IT world. Data needs to be set free and it needs to be freed by those who know what they want from it. There can no longer be a disconnect between IT and the business when it comes to an organization’s information. We need to be agile, we need to have a complete understanding of what we want from our data, we need to know how to get at it, and we need a variety of skillsets to manage our data. The marriage between the IT world and the business world is a must and I believe there is a better chance for successful collaboration if BI is considered its own business unit that includes those with personalities and thinking that differ from the traditional IT mindset. The IT component is still very important, but there is a reason why there is so much work done with collecting, storing, and maintaining data, and that is to use it. If you are not going to use it, why put in all that effort?

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